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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Er, An Update! With Stuff!

I have, over the past two days, been on a mission.

Also, my dad very awesomely sent me a spare laptop that happened to be lying around or something so now I don't have to use Dinosaur McGee any longer. God bless us every one.

Similar parental help has allowed me a little breathing room in grabbing Christmasy gifts. I can't specify nor gush about them the way I'd like to, because Syd reads the blog. Hi, Syd. You have to find the pickle ornament this year. That is your only clue!

Today she pointed a finger in my face and said, "Ha. I got yoooou a present. And you don't get to have it until Christmas day."

I feel I am making strides here in my efforts to make my unemployed Christmas something worth having. Hooray! Confidence boost!

I decorated my mantlepiece with pretties and pinecones. I feel very Martha Stewart. Speaking of Marty Stu, I came across an awesome recipe that I will be trying out here in the next few days or so: Candy Cane Marshmallows, which sound tasty and look creepy and probably go very well with cocoa. I know how people feel nowadays about Martha--but one must admit, candy cane marshmallows are definitely something I'd like to see in my stocking, thank you.

A day ago I made gingerbread cookies out of squeeze-tube cookie dough. Sometimes it doesn't need to be homemade! Sometimes a ten-minute cookie is really necessary. I don't have any cookie cutters so I made compromising shapes, baked them, and then glazed them with homemade cream cheese frosting.

Oh right. My mission. I've been attempting to make a few Christmas gifts; I am a prolific knitter, so I've been putting my needles to work making hand warmers and hats for people. The pattern I am using makes one handwarmer in about four hours, and they are terribly simple. Here is the pattern itself for your reference!

Okay I've shared two things, I've done my part. Now I must get back to the knitting. And listening to Christmas hymns in German because this radio station I've got is freaking awesome.

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